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The Saviour Trust

  resolving housing problems for the homeless. Including properties owned by ourselves and Green Pastures (North West Ltd.).

  providing care, mentoring, and rehabilitation of the homeless, including ex-offenders, in the Pontefract and district area with the aim of supporting family cohesion, improving employment prospects and ultimately eliminating re-offending.


As with other public buildings and spaces, All Saints' Church (Pontefract) grounds are used by rough sleepers. The numbers fluctuate and many stay one night and move on. Others are befriended and stay a while. Some of these individuals are ex-offenders. Upon researching housing provision for ex-offenders, we discovered that the Probation Service was as frustrated as we were at the lack of cooperation from housing authorities.

After weeks of one man staying in the shed of All Saints' Priest in Charge - Revd. Vic Iwanuschak, the Church Council (PCC) agreed to this individual sleeping in the church hall whilst housing issues were resolved.

The Church has gone on to challenge this issue by forming Saviour Homeless as part of The Saviour Trust. To work with individuals (in partnership with housing agents and Probation Service) by aiming to offer/seek suitable housing, mentoring, support for family cohesion, and employment for those who need it most - those without shelter.

For more information, please visit The Saviour Trust's own website at http://www.thesaviourtrust.co.uk/home.html



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